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Business Debit Cards

Make your day-to-day purchases a snap. Swipe it to buy things your business needs, pay for travel expenses or treat a promising business lead to lunch.

  • Business Visa® Debit Card

    Easier than cash. More simple than a credit card. And faster, easier and less expensive than writing a check, a Visa® Debit Card can help make day-to-day business purchases a snap. It works just like your personal debit card. Swipe it to buy things your business needs, pay for travel expenses or treat a promising business lead to lunch. And the benefits go beyond money management. Not only are your business and personal expenses clearly separated, you’ll also get some great features like the UChoose reward program, enhanced online security and more, without an annual fee or the risk of paying interest.

    Your debit card connects directly to your business checking account, so you can make everything from day-to-day purchases to recurring automatic payments. Each transaction is part of your account register, making it easy to track where your money is going.

    To further simplify things, you can sign up employees for their own card and assign a spending limit if you choose to.

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  • Features


    No annual fee


    24-hour access to your account and cash at ATMs around the world


    Enhanced online security with Verified by Visa


    Earn points for qualified purchases

  • UChoose Rewards

    This great incentive program rewards you with points for purchases made with a Visa® debit card. Once you’ve registered your card at, you earn points with every dollar you spend when you sign for purchases. Redeem for a range of choices, from easily obtainable rewards like concert tickets, to higher value rewards like a new HDTV or a cruise to a tropical paradise.
  • FAQs

    • Q Is there an annual fee?

      Nope, there’s no annual fee with this card.
    • Q How does my card work?

      You use your business debit card just like a personal debit card. You can choose a PIN that allows you to access ATMs around the world, 24 hours a day. And you can swipe your card and sign for purchases, any place that accepts Visa®.
    • Q Is it safe to use my card online?

      We offer enhanced online security with Verified By Visa. Enrolling is simple.
    • Q Are there other benefits, like with credit cards?

      Of course. We also offer travel and emergency assistance, an auto rental collision damage waiver program, purchase security and extended protection. Check out the application to learn more about these services.

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