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Savings Made Simple

Our savings options make it easy for you to get started and stay on the path toward your goals!
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Explore the possibilities with Pinnacle Bank.

Learn more about how our people, products and services can help you take the next step in your financial journey.

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Positive Pay

Add this simple tool to your business account to help prevent check and or ACH fraud from impacting your account.

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Combat Business Email Compromise

See how to spot this cybercrime and protect your organization’s data and bottom line.

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Digital Payment Options

Gain security and convenience when you choose to pay with non-cash options.

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Download our Mobile Banking App

Keep up with your accounts on the go with powerful banking tools.

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Individual Retirement Accounts

Save for retirement and beyond with an IRA that is right for you.

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Mastering the Art of the Family Budget

Discover the true cost of raising a family and the benefits of budgeting for a prosperous future.

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Business Banking

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Better Business Banking Starts Here

Owning a business is challenging, but there are ways to make business banking easier, especially online. We have helpful cash management and remote deposit tools, as well as information on cybersecurity and commercial lending.
  • How to Protect Your Company from Business Email Compromise

  • Use Remote Deposit Capture for Simpler, Faster Deposits

  • Get Peace of Mind with Our Secure Cash Management Services, like Insured Cash S…

  • Remote Banking Means Your Business Needs Online Security


Savings and Investments

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Saving Your Money has Never Been Simpler

Anytime is a great time to start saving money to invest later. Read our helpful information on how to start saving up for your retirement, dream home, business, car, and more.
  • Put CD Laddering to Work for You

  • What Do You Need to Save Before Buying a Home?

  • Here's How to Start Saving For Business Success

  • Start Investing in Your Wellbeing by Opening a Health Savings Account


Preventing Fraud and Scams


Protect Yourself From Financial Fraud and Scams

In a world of online banking, fraud and scams can happen at any time. Learn how to protect yourself from fraudulent scammers using our helpful information.
  • Remote Banking Options Have Made Cybersecurity Even More Essential

  • Learn How to Spot Fraudulent Emails Before It's Too Late

  • Avoid Check Fraud By Transferring Money or Paying Online


Mobile and Online Banking

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Bank On Your Own Terms with Mobile and Online Banking Options

Mobile and online banking options like online bill pay, contactless payments and remote deposits let you bank remotely at your convenience.
  • Online Banking lets you do everything, right from the comfort of your own compu…

  • Learn How to Build Good Spending Habits Online

  • Looking for an Easy Way to Send Money to Family and Friends? Try Zelle®