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  • Credit Cards

    These days, it’s hard to handle your personal finances or make purchases without using a credit card. So, the question is not should you have a credit card, but what’s the right one? That’s where we come in. We have two great options, and we’re happy to help you find out which is the right card for you.

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    Both our Visa® and Visa® Gold credit cards make it easy to swipe and purchase just about anything you can imagine – whether you’re out shopping or online surfing for the perfect thing to buy. They also come with money-saving benefits and tons of conveniences. For example, you can book and pay for any trip with a simple call to the Travel Reservation Service.

    The chart below highlights some of them. You can also count on our local experts to help you pick the right card for you.

    Valuable Perks VISA® VISA® GOLD
    Travel Reservation Service     ●          ●
    Bonus Travel Dividends     ●          ●
    Auto Rental Discount            ●
    Every Day Conveniences
    Concierge Services             ●
    Personal Shopper            ●
    Health Care
    Vision Care Discounts     ●          ●
    Prescription Discounts     ●          ●
    Medical Assistance Services            ●
    Additional Card Benefits
    Payment Card Registration     ●          ●
    Quarterly Newsletter     ●          ●
    Key Registration     ●          ●
    SCORECARD® Rewards Points            ●


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  • FAQs

    • Q I often need to rent a car, how will this card save me money?

      The Visa® Gold gives you a discount on auto rentals.
    • Q With my busy schedule, it’s hard for me to get my payments in the mail on time. Is there another option?

      Because we’re local and offer personal service, we invite you to come into a branch to make your payments.

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