Custom Package

Our checking accounts already come with many benefits and conveniences. But, you might want to add some additional features. Like if you frequently travel outside of the area and don't want to pay foreign ATM fees. 

The good news is, it's only an additional $10 monthly fee to customize your account. When you do, you get all these benefits.

  • Refund up to $32 on NSF Paid Item fee/NSF Returned Item Fee per statement cycle
  • Refund for up to 5 money order fees and 5 cashier's check fees per statement cycle
  • Up to $10 refund for foreign ATM fees or surcharges per statement cycle

You can add the Custom Package to any of our checking accounts. (The only exception is the Relationship Account, since all the added benefits are already included.)

Click the Read More button below each of our checking accounts to see all the details.

Free Checking

This account has no minimum balance and no fees.

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Select Checking

Also no minimum balance, and the only fee is $5 for a monthly paper statement.

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Interest Checking

This account has a $1,000 minimum balance, but it also pays you interest.

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