Senior Benefits

Some banks offer a specific account to people over 60. But, we understand that not every senior citizen is the same. That’s why we give you the choice of all of our checking accounts.

No matter which account you choose, you also get to pick an added benefit at no cost. It’s just our little way of helping you out. (The only exception is Relationship Checking, since all the added choices are already included.)

When you open your account, you can choose from one of these benefits:

  • Up to $10 in refunds on any foreign ATM fees or surcharges per statement cycle
  • Refund of $5 fee for paper statements and notices
  • Refund of monthly service charge
  • Refund for up to 5 money order fees and 5 cashier’s check fees per statement cycle

Because each checking account has different features, the list of add-ons is different for each account. Click the Read More buttons below to see the specific add-ons.

Free Checking

This account has no minimum balance and no fees.

Select Checking

Also no minimum balance, and the only fee is $5 for a monthly paper statement.

Interest Checking

This account has a $1,000 minimum balance, but it also pays you interest.